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To start a business is easy to some extent. However, scaling up a business is not very easy. We need to learn new things every day and implement them consistently for a longer period of time. It is not only in terms of technical kind of stuff, but also, a lot of non-technical things we need to concentrate on. Especially when it comes to digital marketing, we have tons of tools and strategies, without that we cannot grow our business to the next level.

In this article, we are discussing one of the secret ingredients i.e., SEO, which is the most important marketing strategy to grow our business.

So, let me list out the table of contents,

1. What is SEO
2. SEO Content Writing for Beginners
3. How to ingrate SEO into your content
4. SEO Content writing Backlinks

What is SEO?

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. In simple terms, SEO is a process of implementing important steps to rank top on Google.

But Google loves to show your content on top when everyone else will love your content first.

SEO is research and also an adventure, where we must use both technical and no-technical skills to impress Google to show on top of people’s search.

When I say Google, it is not the only search engine. We have Yahoo, DuckDuckGo,, Qwant, Swisscows, and so on.

But Google has Ranked the No.1 search engine in the world.

Because Google is always user-friendly.

However, if you want to make a friendship with Google, you must learn SEO Content writing.


SEO Content Writing for Beginners

Being a digital marketer, one of the most important skills we should not ignore at any point in time is writing.

Yes, writing content is an evergreen trend in the digital marketing field.

Because “CONTENT IS THE KING” for any kind of Business. Whether it is Email automation or landing page, if the content is not good, all your efforts going to be wasted.

You may be able to write tons of articles, you might be very good in your language and vocabulary, however, if you are not fulfilling what people are searching for, then Google cannot help you.

Because, Google not only ranks your website URL based on the content, it also searches for relevant images, maps, videos, products, services so on.

Google will follow 3 stages in its searching process.

1. Crawling: Crawlers look for the pages and google stores the page URLs and lists in it to look at later. It finds the pages in several methods. One of the methods is by following links and repeating links that are already known.

2. Indexing: Google will search each page, analyze the content, and finally stores information in the google index. Google index is a huge database that is stored on many computers.

3. Serving search results: Google shows the best search results based on the language, location, devices, and also previous queries.

So, before you start writing any content, always do keyword research on what people are searching for on Google or with other SEO tools like Ahrefs, Ahrefs webmaster tool, SEMRush, KWFinder, Ubersuggest, Answer the public, and so on.


How to integrate SEO into your content

When it comes to writing content (Content for Email, landing page, or blog post), we come across 2 things. One is writing about our Niche and the other one is writing as per our client’s requirement.

Whether it is a Niche or a client’s requirement, whenever we start writing, we need to follow a few steps to create SEO content.

Let me make you 3 simple steps process to start with SEO content,


1. Identify your Audience First:

Being a good digital marketer, when you are selling a product or service, very first we must concentrate on is, identify where your customer is.

It might be by running poles with quantitative and qualitative data, like gender, age, occupation, dreams, interests, fear, strengths, etc.

Find out where your target audience is engaging with your competitors.

The Ultimate goal is to find where your target audience is.


2. Finalize on Topic::

Once you identify your customers, you must know what are their needs. You can look at the customer reviews, blog post reviews, Quora, social media comments, and any other platform you find convenient.

Note down the needs of your audience, what they want to read, what they want to purchase what they want to learn, and so on.
Based on their needs, you choose the Topic.


3. Keyword research:

Once you choose the Topic and know your customer needs, start doing keywords research.

Do not hurry up when you start your keyword research. You must complete the 1st 2 steps before jumping into keyword research. Because without knowing who your audience is and what they need, we cannot create content, provides products and services.

We must start with the broad search term. Then gradually narrow the scope.

For example, if I need to sell Ladies Kurtis, I’d start with the Keyword “Ladies Kurtis “

Then I can narrow it to,
1. Material features
2. Top Sellers
3. Patterns
4. The questions that are asked by the people on various social media platforms.

As already mentioned in the above sections, you can also use various keyword research tools.

Once you are ready with the main keywords, now your actual work will start.

Always, keep in mind that, there is no doubt keywords are the main things, but how you organize all the keywords to create your own content is a challenge.

Very importantly, when you are creating your own content, you should put yourself into your audience’s shoes and make your own search on google to get connected to your audience’s mind.

SEO Content writing Backlinks

Let’s get into the last but most important and core part of the SEO strategy is “Link Building”.

It is like having a PAAN after a full meal. It gives the satisfaction of completeness. If you are a Vada Pav lover, you can relate SEO and backlinks with Vada and pav.

Yeah, you can have it separately, but do you think, you can enjoy the taste? No right.

That’s how the combination of SEO and Backlinks will give an amazing result.

If you ask me where does Link Building lie in your SEO strategy, i.e. On-page SEO or OFF page SEO?

It lies under off-page SEO.

This little virtual connection can make a lot of impact on your website. It helps in search engine ranking position, building credibility, increasing page, and domain authority, and giving a lot of exposure.

Whenever people search for their quires, crawlers look for the pages of URLs and list them in it. Google will search each page and analyze the content stored in the Google index. Finally, it shows the best results based on language, location, devices, and other previous queries.

Let me put it very simple, when you were in school and college, how your lecturers would rank the Toppers?

If the overall class strength is 150 students, they should examine and correct all 150 students’ answer sheets and who has given the most relevant answers would become a topper.

Google also works on the same concept. Basically, the Google algorithm is programmed in such a way that, whenever people ask for a certain query, Google starts searching every webpage that contains the Keywords and assigning a rank to each page based on several factors including how many times the keywords are repeated.

My future articles would be on individual modules of digital marketing. If you are curious, then click the link to have an overall idea of other modules of digital marketing.

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