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Personal branding will start with your personal story. The story behind the reason why you start thinking of building your personal brand.  What made you take a new step in your life. Unless you have a strong desire in your life, it is not easy to be consistent in achieving your goal.

A personal brand doesn’t mean that you should be a perfect person. Instead, you should be a real person to the world with your ups and downs. Personal branding will start when you start discovering your true self.

Starting something new might be easy at the beginning. However, without being focused and consistent you cannot reach your target.

Without consistency, you cannot reach your audience and build trust.

When it comes to trust, I remember Jeff Bezos’s quote “Personal branding is what people say about you when you are not in the Room”.

So, let’s start with the Fundamentals of Personal Branding.


Fundamentals Of Personal Branding

New Niche will be born every day.  But it is important to find a Niche that will take you to your 2.0 version.

When we are selecting our Niche, the very important things we must concentrate on our passion, skill, Goals, and Persona.

When you are creating a brand, that brand is actually you. You are the secret ingredient of your brand. You must find your own persona and figure out, is that persona is matching to build your own brand.

For Example, if your niche is a pet shop, then you must be passionate about taking care of pets and also have the skills to handle pets. Along with this, you must be very humanitarian and empathetic.

If you don’t have all these, you can always learn. Because “Anything that can be learned, can be learned.

Most importantly, you should have a natural inclination towards your goal. Because when you are naturally inclined, then the effort you put in will be more. When the inputs are more, obviously the output will also be more.

Once you find your passion, skills, goal, and own persona, now it’s time to know your client’s persona.

You might be thinking, to work on your skills, your passion, and your goal, why client’s persona is important?

Because you might be top in all your skills but without marketing your product or service, how do people know about your brand?

Unless people know and purchase your product or services, how will you reach your goal? Because the ultimate result will be felt when your service or products are reached to the people.

Hence before you market, you must know your target audience or client’s persona.

But how to reach your target audience and understand them?


How to Know your target audience?

I believe that this is the most important process of digital marketing. Without this, we cannot start our digital marketing journey.

How do we get the confidence to work for someone else? It is by working for our own right? That means we have to do a lot of experiments with our own brand. You may want to run Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Social Media Marketing, Lead generation, and so on.

To do an experiment, you must find where your audience is?

Before start hunting for your audience, you must have answers to the core questions of being a digital marketer. i.e.,

  1. What are you going to do to make the world better?
  2. What are the problems you are going to solve?

For Example, if you ask me the same question, my answer for the 1st question is, I would like to help people build their business Online.

And my answer to the 2nd question is, I want to teach people, how to start their E-commerce stores.

Apart from these, you must also find out,

  1. How you are different from others? And also,
  2. Why are you doing these?

If you have an answer to these questions, it is very easy for you to reach out to your target audience.

Initially, you must start with a broader circle, and over a period of time, you should narrow it down.

Most importantly, you should know the pain points that your audience is experiencing.

Unless you understand their pain points you cannot solve their problems.

Secondly, you should find out, where your target audience lives?

That means, on which social media platform, they are engaging the most?

Are they engaging in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, etc?

Once you know how these social media platforms works, by using the different content marketing strategies and by running Ads, you can find your target audience.

A few content marketing tips are, running a pole with personal details, like age, profession, goals, pain points, strengths, weaknesses, and so on. Deeper you know your audience, it is easy for you to figure out how to solve their problem.

You can also do a live webinar, 1-1 consultant call or a group Q & A session, and so on.

You can use your own strategies which you feel works for you.

And finally, you should do your brand validation.


How to do your brand or a business validation?

Business validation is basically, to find out whether the product or services you are providing are on-demand or not?

You can figure out this by doing market research. You can go to google search and type the questions and see the results.

You can search for Facebook groups, see the members in the groups, number of followers.

Go to YouTube and see the subscribers, views, reviews, and so on.

This market research can give you a rough picture of your business demand.

Because we must always choose the business which is in demand and has competition.

Once you know the competitions, you can do surveys. Send Emails and make the cold calls. Try to get more ideas on what exactly your audience is looking for.

Once you are done with all the information, you can prepare your brand product or service which will be sold naturally.



Let me sum up, start a personal branding, with the personal story behind the brand with a clear vision. Understand the fundamentals of personal branding.

Find your profitable Niche. Build your own persona to match your Niche.

Think how you can stand different in the market” How are you making an impact on the world? Know your target audience.

Do your business validation.

Interact with your audience to know their pain points and be a problem solver, not just a product seller.

Be a strong personal brand. All the best.

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