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Instead of starting with an introduction, I would like to begin with a summary.

My 4 months of Digital Deepak internship journey weighs more than my 17 years of corporate journey.

I would thank from the core of my heart my life-changing guru Digital Deepak and the mentors Abhishek Sharma and Jayanth.

I am from Batch 18 – Joined on 20th January to DDIP (Digital Deepak Internship Program) with less than 1% knowledge about digital marketing to understand what exactly is digital marketing.

What I personally experienced is, that it is not just digital marketing training. It is an overall mindset and personality development, parenting, and the overall roadmap of digital marketing modules. Also helped me to choose one module where I can focus, which is my profitable Niche.

I understood, how a man can be so powerful with a digital presence by adding loads of values.

And more importantly, our DD (Digital Deepak) gives confidence that Marketing and sales are not limited to the people who are extroverts or experts in sales.

Instead, Sales and marketing are for the people who like to help people.  We can grow only when we help others grow.

Once again Thank you so much DD. Thanks a lot