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So, what is the Funnel?

It is s strategic model developed for the buying journey of an individual persona.

In simple Funnel is the future of websites.

Because you might have visited loads of websites. There you will find loads of pages, links, posts, Call to action.

The only thing you experience is you get confused.

And as Russel Brunson says, a confused mind always says no. and you will exit from the site without getting the information you are looking for.

For example, if you are going to a book shop for purchasing a particular book and you are getting all the other things that you don’t want and not getting what you are looking for you’ll get frustrated and come out.

So, in this type of situation, the funnel makes the process simpler and takes you to the page you wanted to enter.

Likewise, if you have a business and you own your website and people want to enter the exact page, click on to call to action, and take the necessary action, you need to implement the funnel-building process.

Here you can decide your goals and what action your prospects must take.

Let’s discuss the 3 main categories of funnel building.



  1. Lead Funnel – where you can collect names and Email list
  2. Sales Funnel – where you have any course or products to sell
  3. Webinar funnel – where you want to present your product or services to many people.



  1. Squeeze page funnel – will be used when we are giving something in exchange like if somebody gives me an email Id, in exchange, I am gonna a give an E-book or video stuff like that. So normally squeeze page is used to build your email list.
  1. Application funnel – in this you need to take your customer to the application form with the click (with the help of kind of a squeeze page) and make him fill in more of his details. And closing the sales with the help of a phone calls. (This is may be used for slightly higher value sales or if you want to hire someone)



  1. Tripwire funnel – This is a low-ticket funnel. Normally used for generating a customer. However, the tripwire funnel helps to upsell the products.
  2. Sales letter funnel – is basically a video sales letter, where we directly speak Infront of the camera and talk about our product
  3. PLF (Product Launch Funnel) – Basically Starts with asking for someone’s Email, then you create a 3 to 4 pages video sales letter where we explain in detail about the product, give training and finally sell the product.



  1. Webinar Funnel – is where people talk about the product for half an hour to 45 minutes and explain about the product how it is going to help the product and finally sell their product.
  2. Auto webinar funnel – This is not actually not happening live but recorded webinar and put it in the stream live. But the process is similar to the webinar funnel.

Finally, Russel Brunson says, Funnel is the best salesperson in the world.


We have some visitors/traffic, they see an Ad, it might be a Google ad or a Facebook Ad, that takes to the sales page, then there are 2 options. Either they buy or leave without buying.

The fact is, a maximum number of people are not interested in your offer for the very first time. They will ignore it.

Example: In the online business, especially for info products more than 90% of the people will not be interested buy for the first time. That means it is a waste of money that you are spending on the Ads if you are using this kind of basic funnel.

Hence, what is strongly needed is a potential customer to buy your product or signup for your service.

And this is where we need to use the Lead funnel strategy.

Because the Lead funnel is the customer journey. It involves many steps that a customer has to go through before converting into a potential buyer.

Example: We will have FB Ads, once they click on the Ad, instead of directing them to the sales page, we must direct them to a landing page, on the landing page they enter their Email-id. But here we are giving something in exchange for their email id. We call that a lead magnet. It might be an e-book or minicourse. Once you get the email ids we must send the sequence of emails to educate them and nurture them and finally take them to the sales page.

But why we need to use this Lead funnel strategy is, that our goal is to introduce ourselves to the customer and send them offers to leads. And also maximize the sales with the funnels. i.e. upsell or backend offers.

Because customers would like to buy from a known person who really trustworthy and added value to them than the unknown or a stranger.

Hope it makes sense.