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Lead generation is a process of collecting prospectus personal information, basically, name, email id and contact number.

It looks very simple, right?

However, no one is willing to give their personal information very easily to a stranger right?

Hence, initially, you need to attract them to your business, by adding values say, creating valuable content, blogpost, live events, etc that really bring some sort of changes in their routine life.

That means they need to connect with your content spiritually or emotionally. Ultimately, they must find some benefit out of it so that some sort of trust is built to share their email Ids with you.

Once you receive their email Ids, then you can nurture them with the more and more quality content or services and convert them to become your ideal customer who is willing to purchase from you.

If the same trust is carried for a long time with the service or products you are offering there are maximum chances, they become your lifetime customer.

In this article, we are going to discuss 5 stages where we can generate quality leads.

Because, It is the fundamental sense we must understand when we are approaching someone for offering any of our services, of course, they will ask for proof. There is nothing wrong with that.

Even we are no exception to that, right?

When we want to buy anything online, the very first thing we do is, we will check on google or YouTube about the product or services before opting or purchasing.

Hence even for generating leads, there are 5 basic steps or stages we must follow are,

Create Content or blog

Content is the most important part of the digital marketing journey.

Content is the King of any business. Especially while generating leads, Content marketing is the core. Whether it is B2B or B2C business, you need to build trust and then connect with your target audience to promote your business.

Hence content deserves loads of attention.

But your content must have the ability to educate your audience. Meaning, your content must understand the pain and also should give the solution to their pain.

Then only your audience will trust you. The strong trust you have built with your valuable content will make them share their Email Ids with you, believing that, you are going to be a problem solver for all their pains.

Once you receive an email-Id, you should nurture them with detailed content and educate them, on how your product or service will take them from their current state to their desired state. Then over a period of time, they will become your potential customer.


Make video contents

This is the most powerful marketing strategy. When you are ready to show your face in Infront of your audience, then you are likely to be trusted more.

Not only that, nowadays, people of engaging more with video content compare to texts or blogposts.

Hence you can make your products or services demo videos and share them with all the social media networks to promote and educate your target audience.

In the beginning, you need not worry much about the technology of video editing software.  You can completely focus on creating valuable and informative content which gives insight into products and services. You can start with your smartphone. Very importantly, you must start.

If your video’s clarity is not too good at the beginning, that is completely fine. Because people can forgive video clarity but they cannot forgive audio content.

Hence, you must focus on creating detailed, valuable, and informative content for your audience to make them your potential customer.


Optimize your webpages

Before optimizing the web pages, we must figure out, from which platform your audience is engaging the most.

When your audience starts visiting your website, make sure that your website is Clean, fast, and also mobile optimized.

Because more than 50% of the website traffic comes from mobile compared to desktops and laptops.

Hence, when your audience vising your website either from mobile or laptop or desktop, you must take care that your website should open very fast say less than 2 to 3 seconds.

Once the website is open, your website must be clear that they must not get confused and able to get the details of what they are looking for.

Because, if the visitor gets confused, about where they must search for the required details, there are more chances they exit from the website and never visit again.

Hence, make sure you have optimized your website speed and clarity.


Create SEO-optimized Landing Pages

Creating SEO-based content and also relevant landing pages are another important stage of optimizing your website.

Especially, when your goal is to generate leads, these 2 things are mandatory.

These are the 2 things that will bring quality and authority to your website.

Because Google will not rank you only if you run paid advertisements. It looks for relevancy, quality, and authoritative content.

Even though SEO is free, Facebook and Google Ad campaigns are paid. Hence when you are running ad campaigns, you must build a landing page with SEO.

Because, when you build a landing page for a particular webpage, your audience will click on it and go to the thank you page where they can fill in their contact details and submit. Then they can take to the actual webpage where they want to visit.

This gives a good user experience and they like to visit again and again.


Use social media

How we can say, different social media are also the best platforms to generate leads?

Because approximately 3.6 billion people are engaging in social media worldwide.

You can use a combination of organic and also paid ad campaigns to generate leads.

Before you run the campaign, be ready with the Powerful lead magnets.

Your lead magnets can be, e-books, templates, video demos, free trials, products or services with special offers, webinars, Contests,

However, you must create engaging lead magnets.

Your lead magnet must cover 3 important things. Those are Hook, story, and offer.

To create these, you must know your target audience’s pain and solution to their pain to convert them into your leads.



Even though the lead information looks simple, we have to do a lot of work behind the screen to generate quality leads.

You must provide a lot of value to make your audience share their contact information with you.

By using the strategies say, creating video, audio, or text content, optimizing your website speed, and clarity, using SEO and building landing pages, and also using social media platforms you can generate leads.

Last but not the least, create powerful lead magnets to generate quality leads and convert them into potential customers.